Mayshu Fukamachi

I am a Paper painter. 
After decades working behind the scenes of Tokyo's boutique fashion scene,
I decided to become an artist at the age of 53 and started to portray with paper.
By using only paper, I hope to draw the ultimate expression of art.
I create pictures, but instead of paint, I create with colored paper.
I cut the paper into tens of thousands of pieces, sometimes even into a million pieces, with a cutter and ruler, and using a pair of tweezers and a touch of glue, layer them together one by one. 
The unique texture of the paper painting changes expression with every shift in lighting, adding depth and character.









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2011 Caelum Gallery, New York, USA

2012 "Message from a piece of colored paper" +SANOW LABs. Tokyo Japan

2019 "A million pieces of reality" Fredric Harris Gallery, Tokyo American Club, Tokyo Japan

2019  Dec 6 ~Dec 17 "A million pieces of reality" Gallery Kuraori, Niigata Japan

2020  May 21 - June 26   Yugawara Art Museum

2020  Aug 25 - Sept 6 LADS Gallery Osa 


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